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Our Management Team has well over 80 years of experience in Asian and global financial markets.

The Assurance Global leadership team includes financial, legal, technical and operational experts that have come together to create a receivables collections firm that is highly specialized and exceptionally unique in its focus. Our team has created an infrastructure to support our global legal network, all designed to fulfill one primary goal – helping Asian companies to collect what is rightfully theirs.

Meet our Management Team

Thomas D. Bell

Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Bell is a senior financial service executive with over forty-three years of proven expertise in financial underwriting, marketing, client relations, management, strategic planning, business development, governance and compliance. Mr. Bell has held President, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President and other positions with leading worldwide financial services companies. Prior to joining his current company Assurance Global Financial Services and Solutions, Mr. Bell spent 8 years as co-founder of a successful Bermuda based worldwide Insurance and Reinsurance Company with over $2.0 billion in revenues, $2.5 billion in capital and $8.0 billion in assets. Mr. Bell has also been active in various civic and commission roles in the community and currently is very active in a number of Non Profit Executive Committees, Boards of Directors and Boards of Trustees.

Keith M. Stillings

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Keith Stillings is a business visionary who brings a unique combination of strategic thinking and financial acumen to his leadership role as the Chief Executive Officer of Assurance Global Financial. A sales and marketing expert, Mr. Stillings has assisted both startup and well-established companies to optimize corporate structure, operations and business processes for maximum revenue growth. Prior to launching Assurance Global he served a dual role as both CFO and COO for a middle market wine import and distribution company that leveraged technology to streamline the process of ordering and purchasing wine directly by consumers and retail establishments. Mr. Stillings began his career in the financial services industry by spending 12 years working for one of the country’s largest full-service banks.

Kevin Durr

Vice President, Chief Technology & Information Officer

Kevin Durr is a highly seasoned technology expert with extensive experience in all facets of systems engineering, application programming and project management. As the Chief Technology Officer of Assurance Global, Mr. Durr leverages his world class experience as an engineer, consultant and analyst to develop and deploy a technology platform that enables Assurance Global to deliver a seamlessly integrated global receivables recovery solution. As the architect of Assurance Global’s information technology system, Mr. Durr ensures that the firm’s receivable recovery cases proceed rapidly, efficiently and-most importantly-successfully.

John T. MacDonald, Esq.

Vice President of Creditor Case Management

John T. MacDonald, Attorney-at-Law, provides the professional legal expertise that forms the foundation of the Assurance Global international network of highly qualified lawyers. Mr. MacDonald, who retired from the New Hampshire State Police after a 30-year career as a detective, is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Trained at the Massachusetts School of Law with concentrations in Litigation and Criminal Law, Mr. MacDonald has also served on the budget committee of the Town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire for more than 20 years, and as the chairman of the committee for the past 10. He is also instrumental in formulating the strategic partnerships at the heart of Assurance Global’s network of international law firms.

Matthew Hayes

Assistant Vice President, Operations and Administration

Matthew Hayes provides the operational and administrative management that facilitates the smooth and efficient flow of client cases through the highly specialized Assurance Global system. A multi-faceted expert in financial operations, market expansion, database analysis and project management, Mr. Hayes is continuously improving the firms core business processes and refining the client experience.

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